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Custom In-Person Wellness Classes  

Bring a 'Wellness Day' to your school and help your community glow

Illuminate will help you custom design a 'Wellness Day' for your school, with teachers able to choose the mindfulness or yoga activity that meets the needs of their class, at that time. Whether it is learning about the brain, a mindful craft or a session that links to your current curriculum, teachers decide which activity their students would benefit the most from. Depending on the needs of the school, Illuminate can facilitate sessions with small groups of students, single classrooms or run assemblies for multiple classes. We will work with you to design a wellness schedule so that students and teachers can get the most out of the day. 

Your 'Wellness Day' could begin with a 20 minute introductory assembly for all teachers and classes who are involved. Amber will explain the outline of the day and lead the students through a short mindfulness exercise. 

Then, Amber will then visit each classroom and run a 45 minute session (time is flexible and approximate) selected by the classroom teacher. We will supply the materials required, lead the session and prepare a reflective follow-up activity. 

Schools can also choose to add an after school session to their schedule, such as a yoga class for teachers or invite parents along for a family yoga session. 

Click the button below to view a sample 'Wellness Day' at a primary school. 

Please contact Illuminate to organise your custom schedule and pricing. 

Read through our 'Mindfulness Menu' below and choose your sessions.

Printable 'Mindfulness Menu' PDF

Mindfulness Sessions





positive thinking 

Choose the focus that suits the needs of your students

- Exploring Emotions

- Worries and Negative Thoughts

- Positivity and Optimistic Thinking

Learn to identify emotions and thoughts and discuss how we experience them in our bodies. Practise techniques to calm our minds, develop awareness and self regulate through breathing. 


Class Activity-  Drawing Our Emotions or Writing Affirmations 


Students learn about kindness and gratitude and the effects these practises have on our mind and body. We discuss how kindness begins with being kind to ourselves and can extend out to everyone in our community.

Class Activity - Draw a Gratitude Picture  

Our Amazing Brains

Students learn about 3 important areas of our brains- the pre-frontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus and how they relate to our emotions, reactions and ability to learn.  

Class Activity- Make a Brain Hat 

Paying Attention 

What is attention and how do we do it? Students learn about their senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) and use them to practise paying attention. 

Class Activity- Mindful Eating

Mindfulness Crafts 

Glitter Jars

Students create their own Glitter Jar for practising  focus and attention. 

Please note- Schools will need to give 2 weeks notice for this class as materials will be ordered and supplied 

Breathing Beads and Mala Beads

Students create Breathing Beads that they can use as a tool to calm down as well as their own mala bead necklace.

Drawing Mandalas

This is a special drawing session perfect for practising attention and focus. We will learn to draw a mandala and then decorate it with colour and stickers.  


positive affirmation collage  poster 

Students create a self portrait collage filled with  positive affirmations. We discuss growth mindset, resilience and the plasticity of brain to grow and adapt.

Literacy Sessions 

Author workshop

Amber will read one of her stories from the Mindful Dino Crew series and then run a workshop discussing the process of writing the MDC book series, illustration and self publishing. 

(This session can be run for multiple classes/ assembly style or adapted for smaller group sizes) 

Write your own Mindfulness story

(Upper Years P3- P6 only)

Students write their own version of the MDC story 'Baby T Gets Angry'. Students write their own personal story about what makes them angry, and different techniques they use to calm down.  

Introduction to journaling 

(Upper Years P3-P6 Only)


Students learn about journal writing and about goal setting. We discuss mindful journal prompts, how journalling can help with negative thoughts and using journals for reflection.  

Mindful smelling and memory writing 

Smelling Jars filled with different scents are used as prompts for drawing and writing. Smell can evoke powerful memories and trigger emotions. Students can practice using adjectives as their describe their memories and reactions to certain smells.  

Yoga Sessions

Interactive story Reading of 'Tara Doesn't dance' 

This session is a fun Introduction to mindful movement through the MDC story 'Tara Doesn't Dance'. Students pay attention to the parts of their body that move and practise some yoga poses. 

Animal Yoga adventure 

(Suitable for Early Years K- P2)

A fun yoga session incorporating different animal poses and sounds. Students use their imagination to take an exciting journey while they practise making shapes with their body. The session ends with a short savasana (guided meditation).   

Let's learn about Yoga

(Suitable for Upper Years P3-P6) 

This yoga class follows a similar structure to an adult class as students learn the names and benefits of different yoga poses. This session will incorporate some breathing techniques, yoga poses and savasana (short guided meditation)

Partner yoga session

Cultivate social connection, kindness and friendship through a partner yoga session! This session focuses on fun yoga poses that can be done with a friend.   

(This class requires good communication between partners and is suitable for P2- P6) 

Community Classes

after school Adult Yoga 

For Teachers

A 1 hour after school yoga session run for the teachers and school support staff. 

School to supply yoga mats or teachers BYO mat for the class.


This class can be run indoors or outdoors weather permitting. 


mindfulness workshop

For Teachers

A presentation and interactive workshop for teachers to learn firsthand about the benefits of mindfulness. 

This workshop is full of mindful techniques you can incorporate into your classroom. 

family wellness class

For Parents and Kids

A 1 hour mindfulness and yoga session for parents and student to connect and practise together after school. 

Parents BYO mats and set up in a hall or outside (weather permitting) 

Lunchtime destress

For Teachers

A short (30 minute) midday wellness session for stress relief! Includes some yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided meditations. 

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