The MDC book series, for children aged 5 and up, helping readers to learn some of the important aspects of mindfulness and techniques to try at home. There are six titles included in the MDC Pack:

- Dactyl Joins the Crew (What is mindfulness and Freeze and Breathe)

- Baby T Gets Angry (Identifying emotions and belly breathing)

- Rap Can't Keep Still (Paying Attention using our senses)

- Tara Doesn't Dance (Body Awareness and mindful movement)

- Brac's Busy Brain (Worries and tools to calm our mind)

- Anky's Feeling Blue (Gratitude and kindness)


and get the MDC Workbook for free! The MDC workbook helps readers with consolidation of the topic, related activities and worksheets and self reflection. 


(This pack does not include 'Yoga with the Crew' or 'MDC Explore Emotions')

The Mindful Dino Crew Pack