The MDC book series, for children aged 5 and up, helping readers to learn some of the important aspects of mindfulness and techniques to try at home. There are six titles included in the MDC Pack:

- Dactyl Joins the Crew (What is mindfulness and Freeze and Breathe)

- Baby T Gets Angry (Identifying emotions and belly breathing)

- Rap Can't Keep Still (Paying Attention using our senses)

- Tara Doesn't Dance (Body Awareness and mindful movement)

- Brac's Busy Brain (Worries and tools to calm our mind)

- Anky's Feeling Blue (Gratitude and kindness)


and the MDC Workbook! The MDC workbook helps readers with consolidation of the mindfulness topic, including 3 related activities for each story book, self reflection and colouring pages. 


(This pack does not include 'Yoga with the Crew' or 'MDC Explore Emotions')

The Mindful Dino Crew Pack