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Meet The Mindful Dino Crew

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The Mindful Dino Crew is a series of books that teach mindfulness and yoga techniques to children.

Follow along as 6 dinosaur friends learn about the importance of mindfulness, how to calm big emotions, settling negative thoughts, paying attention with our senses, mindful movements with our body and how gratitude and kindness impact our world. 

After reading each story children can reflect on their own emotions and experiences by writing and drawing in the MDC workbook. 

The Mindful Dino Crew also help to introduce mindfulness and self regulation to young children (aged 2 years and up) with the book "MDC Explore Emotions" filled with simple ideas for kids to practise. 


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Learn about mindfulness through stories

Children learn so much through stories! They can relate to the characters, feelings and situations while being engaged and entertained. Use the MDC books in the classroom to promote discussions about emotions and feelings and to practise mindfulness techniques. 

Let's belly breathe like Baby T! Just like Rap, can you pay attention to sounds you can hear? Ask yourself, like Anky does, what you are grateful for right now?

Follow up the stories with reflection sheets from the workbook, where students can draw and write about their personal experiences. 

Read the books at home

Mindfulness is a skill, and like any skill you become better at it the more that you practise. Encourage children (and parents!) to practise mindfulness at home by reading the Mindful Dino Crew stories.  

Author Talks 

Invite Amber to give an author talk at your school. As well as listening to a fun rhyming story, students will be introduced to yoga and mindfulness and practise mindful techniques. Get ready for an interactive story presentation with puppets, movements, props and poses. 

Amber can lead your students in other literacy workshop activities including mindfulness story writing, journaling and affirmation writing.


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