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Meet Amber

My Vision

* To promote emotional literacy and get kids talking about their emotions and feelings.

* To develop an awareness and understanding of what is going on inside our bodies and brains. 

* To realise the importance of breath, movement, mindfulness and stillness. 

* To increase curiosity about our inner and outer worlds. 

* To have fun and laugh while doing it.

* To help kids glow!

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Author. Teacher.


Dedicated to illuminating school communities through holistic wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Amber! A classroom teacher turned wellness educator looking to ignite a curiosity for mindfulness and yoga in your kids! After completing mindfulness for children and kids yoga certifications, I was inspired to create my own lessons and resources to teach the students in my classroom mindfulness techniques. In 2017, The Mindful Dino Crew were born and as other teachers and parents began using the books with their children my journey of bringing wellness to kids began. 

*10 years + teaching in international schools

*Over a decade of teaching yoga to adults and kids 

*Experience in MBSR, Vipassana, mindfulness and


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