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The Mindful Dino Crew Course


A six session program for teaching mindfulness to children

Benefits of a mindfulness practise

for kids

* Increased awareness of emotions, thoughts and body 

* Increased attention and ability to focus

* Self regulation and skills for calming mind and body 

* Emotional literacy to be able to communicate how you are feeling

*Compassion and kindness for self and others   


Mindfulness is an awareness of what is happening right now in our inner world and outer world. It is a skill that helps us respond to situations instead of just reacting. Research shows mindfulness can develop self confidence, resilience, executive functioning skills, patience and regulation of emotions during stressful situations.


During each session of the MDC course children will learn about an important aspect of mindfulness, practise tools and techniques that they can implement, participate in hands on activities and take home a related MDC book so that they can continue their learning journey with their family.   

Illuminate Wellness Studio

in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 

MDC Mindfulness Classes 

Message to book private classes for your kids at our studio in Sheung Wan.


 Each MDC Course session includes...

Session 1- What is Mindfulness?

Children are introduced to the practise of mindfulness, identify our inner and outer worlds and learn some basic neuroscience about how our brain works. We will explore our reactions and practise the 'Freeze and Breathe' technique to respond to stressful situations. We will read, discuss and take home the book Dactyl Joins the Crew. 

Session 2- Attention

What is attention, how does it feel and how can we do it? We practise the skill of paying attention by developing the awareness of our senses, finding our 'anchors' and hands on activities that bring us into the present moment. We will read, discuss and take home the book Rap Can't Keep Still!

Session 3- Emotions 

We will revisit our lesson on neuroscience to understand how and why emotions are created in our brain, the effect emotions have on our body and tools that help us regulate our emotions. We will practise breathing techniques and other practises that help us calm emotions. We will read, discuss and take home the book Baby T is Angry!

Session 4- Mindful Movement 

Being aware of what is happening in our bodies and being able to describe how we are feeling are important aspects of mindfulness. We we practise mindful movement skills such as body control, matching breath to movement, attention, tension and relaxation. We will explore how yoga poses and moving our bodies can change our emotions. We will read, discuss and take home the book Tara Doesn't Dance.  

Session 5- Thoughts and Worries 

Our thoughts can have a powerful affect on our body and it can feel like they are the ones in control. We can practise being aware of our thoughts, sharing our thoughts and changing them to be more positive. We will learn about having a growth mindset and practise techniques to calm our minds when we are stressed or worried. We will read, discuss and take home the book Brac's Busy Brain. 

Session 6- Heartfulness

Heartfulness is a feeling of wellbeing that comes from compassion, kindness, empathy and gratitude practises. It is that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get inside when you do something nice. It leads to better social and emotional skills and relationships, and it is good for our health! We will participate in heartfulness practises and learn how we can use these skills during times of stress or unpleasant feelings. We will read, discuss and take home the book Anky is Feeling Blue.   

Inquiry play

Time for children to learn through play and interaction with our wellness resources and stations set up in the studio. Children will be guided through inquiry by questions asked by the teacher.  

Structured circle time

A time to share ideas, learn about a topic, ask questions and reflect. This includes a shared reading of MDC books, completing worksheets, viewing related media, reflection and discussions.

interactive exercises

Let's learn about our bodies and minds. Children will participate in yoga poses, mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques. We discuss emotions and learn tools that promote self regulation and social skills. 

arts and crafts

A creative piece to take home after the session to share with your family. Each art or craft is connected to the topic and helps children develop their understanding. We hope children will share their learning with others after leaving the studio. 

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