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Brighten up your online timetable with live mindfulness and yoga sessions!


Teachers can choose age appropriate, 30 minute online classes, selected to meet the needs of their students. 

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Online Mindfulness sessions





positive thinking 

Choose the focus that suits the needs of your students

- Exploring Emotions

- Worries and Negative Thoughts

- Positivity and Optimistic Thinking

Learn to identify emotions and thoughts and discuss how we experience them in our bodies. Practise techniques to calm our minds, develop awareness and self regulate through breathing. 


Class Activity-  Drawing Our Emotions or Writing Affirmations 


Students learn about kindness and gratitude and the effects these practises have on our mind and body. We discuss how kindness begins with being kind to ourselves and can extend out to everyone in our community.

Class Activity - Draw a Gratitude Picture  

Our Amazing Brains

Students learn about 3 important areas of our brains- the pre-frontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus and how they relate to our emotions, reactions and ability to learn.  

Class Activity- Draw Your Brain

Paying Attention 

What is attention and how do we do it? Students learn about their senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) and use them to practise paying attention. 

Class Activity- Mindful Eating

Online Yoga sessions

Author Reading of Tara Doesn't dance 

This session is a fun introduction to mindful movement through the MDC story 'Tara Doesn't Dance'. Students pay attention to the parts of their body that move and practise some yoga poses. 

Chair Yoga and eye exercises

Taking care of our body is important, especially when we are working virtually from home! Students learn how to stretch, bend and move their bodies and eyes to keep healthy while working online. 

Virtual yoga

(Upper Years) 

Get out of the chair and onto the floor with this virtual yoga session. 

Classes include breath work, sun salutation warm ups and yoga poses to promote balancing, strengthening and flexibility. Sessions will conclude with a calming savasana meditation. 

virtual yoga (Early years)

Get your young students up and moving with this yoga animal adventure!   Students jump like a frog, hiss like a snake and follow along with all animal sounds and movements. Sessions include breath work, fun yoga poses and conclude with a calming savasana meditation. 

Online Author Readings 

Amber is available to read the Mindful Dino Crew stories, online, to your class! 

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