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Dedicated to illuminating school communities through holistic well-being.

Story Reading Sessions 

The Mindful Dino Crew is a series of books that teach mindfulness and yoga to young readers. Invite Amber to your school for an interactive author talk, mindfulness session or lesson on story writing and self publishing.  

Wellness Inquiry Workshops

Wellness Inquiry Workshops are hands on, inquiry- based classroom lessons where students delve deeper into the mindfulness topics covered by the Mindful Dino Crew books. 


Each 1 hour session includes;

  • Interactive mindfulness activities 

  • Finding out about mindfulness tools and strategies 

  • Going further into the topic with scientific information about how our brains and bodies work 

  • Age appropriate booklet for each student to brainstorm, write, draw and reflect during the lesson 

  • A follow up activity for the teacher to facilitate at a later date and for students to take action

Live Online Classes

Looking to add an virtual session to your online learning schedule? Or have a guest speaker join your online classroom? Illuminate can run fun and interactive online mindfulness and yoga classes on a range of topics such as identifying emotions, learning about the brain, mindful movement and gratitude.



Why introduce mindfulness and yoga to children?

Emotional Literacy 

Paying Attention 

Self Regulation

Calming techniques 

Physical Movement 

Social and emotional skills