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Illuminate Kids Wellness

Choose wellness activities that work for you and your students! 

Illuminate offers custom mindfulness and yoga classes that fit into your school schedule.  

In-person Wellness Days

Let Illuminate facilitate wellness at your school with a variety of mindfulness and yoga activities to choose from. Whether working with small groups of students, single classrooms or an assembly with multiple grade levels, Illuminate allows you to plan a custom day of wellness for your teachers and students. Teachers can choose the activity that is best suited to the age, needs and curriculum of their students. Illuminate offers sessions based on a range of topics including paying attention, learning about the brain, mindfulness crafts, stories, mindful writing and more. Read through our 'Mindfulness menu' and create a timetable that works for your school community. Illuminate will bring the materials needed for each session, run the lesson in the classroom/ art room/ school hall (or outdoors!) and provide an reflective follow up activity. 

Live Online Classes

Looking to add an online session to your online learning schedule? Or have a guest speaker virtually join your classroom? Illuminate can run fun and interactive online mindfulness and yoga classes on a range of topics such as identifying emotions, learning about the brain, mindful movement and gratitude. Live, online sessions include stories, slideshow presentations, audience participation, writing and drawing activities. 

Off Campus Outdoor Field Trips

Take your wellness class outdoors and allow your students to engage with Hong Kong's natural beauty. Do you have a country park, grassy outdoor area or beach that your school likes to visit? Invite Illuminate to guide your students through outdoor yoga and mindfulness activities while developing their connection and respect for the natural world. 




Why introduce mindfulness and yoga to children?

Emotional Literacy 

Paying Attention 

Self Regulation

Calming techniques 

Physical Movement 

Social and emotional skills 

Help your school community to glow with yoga and mindfulness

Help Kids Glow

Looking to bring a wellness experience to your students?

In person sessions in Hong Kong

Online sessions available worldwide

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