Shadow on Concrete Wall

The Mindful Dino Crew Series

Join the Crew

Each story introduces a different character and teaches a new mindfulness or yoga technique!

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Baby T gets angry

Everything is going wrong and Baby T's happiness is under attack! His friend Tara teaches him how to perform Belly Breathing and control the angry feelings increasing inside him. 

Dactyl Joins The CRew

Dactyl learns about mindfulness and how it can help her to identify what she is feeling in her body. Dactyl can use the 'Freeze and Breathe' technique before reacting to situations, especially when fighting with her little brother!   

Rap cant keep still

Rap can't stop moving! He wishes there was some way he could stay still and focus his attention. Rap learns how to pay attention using his senses 

brac's busy brain 

Brac's brain is filled with worries and it is stopping him from sleeping at night. The negative thoughts play like a movie on a TV screen. Brac uses the powerful breathing technique, Dragonfly Hum, to buzz the worries right out of his brain.

Tara Doesn't dance

Learn about yoga and mindful movement along with Tara as she practises for a dance contest at school. 

Anky is feeling 


Anky is feeling blue in her heart! How do we cheer up Anky with something that will reach deep into her heart? Gratitude and Kindness!

mdc workbook

After reading the story, have children reflect on their own emotions and feelings. Discuss, write and draw to help develop a better awareness of you!

MDC explore emotions

For the youngest yogis! Introduce your child to emotions and simple mindfulness techniques and encourage self regulation from 2 years and up!

Yoga with the Crew

Practise yoga with your favourite dinosaur friends from the Mindful Dino Crew!


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